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Acknowledgement of Country:

We pay our respect to the Guringai people and acknowledge them as the past custodians of this Land.  We pay respect to the Guringai Elders and people who walked these Lands for many generations.  We pay our respect to their Spirits.

We pay our respects to the Darkinjung people past and present.  We acknowledge the Darkinjung people as the current custodians of this Land, on which we live and enjoy.  We pay our respects to the Darkinjung Elders,  past, present and future. We pay our respect to their Spirits.

We acknowledge and pay our respect to the many Aboriginal Clans of the greater area who, for many generations, have come together at significant times, meeting on this Land for ceremony.

We pay our respect to this Land, and to those who managed this land for many generations before us, and continue to do so today.  We acknowledge that Sovereignty never ceded.

We acknowledge, respect and recognise all Aboriginal people who have come from their own country and have now come to call this country their home, both past and present.

We pay our respect and acknowledge all members of Mingaletta Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Centre, and recognise their contribution to the community.

We are very grateful to have been accepted as associate members of Mingaletta, and very grateful to all those who have shared their stories and time with us. 

('Guringai' is a contested name which is currently being reviewed by the Aboriginal Heritage Office, Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council and local Aboriginal community.  Aboriginal community identity has come to adopt the name, despite the evidence that 'Guringai' is now believed to be a term most likely created by a non-Aboriginal person.  AngelRock Baby will update this Acknowledgement of Country with the names recommended by AHO  when a decision  is made on a more suitable alternative name.  We acknowledge that the erasure and destruction of Aboriginal language and identity is an ongoing injustice and a direct result of the invasion and colonisation of this Land.)


AngelRock Baby acknowledges the uninterrupted practice of Indigenous communities who have long been the example of babywearing for other communities including european/western people who at this time largely dominate the baby carrier industry.  We also acknowledge that many Aboriginal families and other Indigenous families globally have suffered interruption, destruction and inability to practice culturally significant parenting and family practices due to the violent impact of colonisation including The Stolen Generations and continued racism within Australia, and internationally.  AngelRock Baby will update information shared here to be as respectful as possible to traditional babywearing communities.  If at any time you wish to communicate with Celeste in regards to this please use the contact form.  Brands which we have learned are culturally insensitive or whose designs are culturally appropriative will no longer be stocked by AngelRock Baby.  This includes brands who are understood to have done substantial damage to Indigenous people and/or their communities.

Our own babywearing journey offered us a way to enhance family connection in a nurturing, practical and enjoyable way.  The AngelRock Family found babywearing to be an essential and instinctive tool for navigating our specific needs including disability and medical issues.  For your family this 'Journey of Cuddles' may just be beginning, so the information we include in our products and our website is designed to help a beginner.  More advanced help can be given as required.

Thank you for your support, since the 'birth' of AngelRock Baby in February 2013.  As a family owned and run business we appreciate your custom, and we look forward to growing together with you.

I have had the privilege to complement my personal experience and understanding of babywearing with the wisdom and experience of other families within our community, and to have accessed educational training and professional development from a variety of sources including: Ulrike Hower, Die Trageschule, the organisers of the first Australian Babywearing Conference in 2013, now known as Babywearing Education Australia, and by Arie Brentnall-Compton, founder of the Canadian Babywearing School, following the 2015 Australian Babywearing Conference.  I acknowledge that formal style education regarding the practice of babywearing does not replace or surpass traditional knowledge passed down intergenerationally.

I am honoured when a new parent trusts me to help them begin their own babywearing journey. I am blessed with three gorgeous children who enjoyed carrying from newborn to preschool age (and a bit beyond!). I am delighted to have made some truly special friendships within the Babywearing community, I have learned much from you and I enjoy travelling in your company.  Thank you especially to my friends and peers from Indigenous and traditional babywearing communities who have shared your perspectives and experiences with me.  Thank you in particular to Marie from enCulture. who has given guidance to me, steering me to work towards shaping a more inclusive, respectful and ethical business.

Something very close to my own heart is the safety and well being of our precious babies, and I offer customer service before and after sales to ensure you understand how to best choose and us your baby carrier.
If your family includes a baby, child or adult with a specific need, such as a medical condition or a disability, babywearing can be a positive assistance in your daily life.   For a person who faces restrictions in other parts of their life to find suitable ways to carry their baby is empowering.  For some people, healing from past experiences has been supported by wearing their exquisite new baby.

If you would like to arrange a demonstration, talk or visit to your family group or community organisation please use the contact form.

Best wishes, 
Let's share a  'Journey of Cuddles' together,

from Celeste and the rest of the AngelRock family.