Wrapsody Artisan Ringsling cotton/linen 'Nerissa' long
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Wrapsody Artisan Ringsling cotton/linen 'Nerissa' long

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Wrapsody Artisan ringsling - Nerissa - 216cm

This ring sling is a slightly more vibrant variation on our popular wrap design, “Morgaine.” We’ve brightened up the colors to bring out the image of the nursing mermaid mama swimming above the sea turtles and named this “Nerissa,” which means, “sea nymph.”

Wrapsody has teamed up with Sleeping Baby Productions, a leading ring sling manufacturer, to bring you a brilliant ring sling experience.

Our lightweight, strong ring sling offers softness without compromising support. Our Artisan Ring Sling offers you a beautiful seat for your baby or toddler both for quick up-and-down errands or for longer carrying adventures!

  • Comfort channels move your child’s weight to the body structures best suited for carrying!
  • Supports children up to 16kg on the front, hip, or back.
  • Made from a cotton/linen blend that’s soft and drapey right out of the package and washes to the brushed silkiness of lightweight flannel.
  • Lightweight fabric prevents overheating or feeling “weighted down.”
  • Range of patterns and styles for every family
  • Smaller-than-average rings comfortably fit short torsos and narrow shoulders as well as broad-shouldered or taller torsos.
  • Rings are sourced from SlingRings(tm), the safest, most beautiful sling rings in the world.
  • Fairly traded

What’s special about the fabric blend of the Wrapsody Artisan Ring Sling?

  • Linen has a high tensile strength but little elasticity. Cotton adds elasticity or “huggability” to the fabric.
  • Linen has been shown to keep people 3-4 degrees cooler than cotton in hot weather, but linen can be stiff. The blend combines temperature regulation with a lovely fabric hand.
  • Linen has a natural light-reflective luster and silkiness that adds beauty to natural cotton.
  • Linen is smooth and crisp. Adding cotton adds “cush,” adding support on the shoulders to the crisp, cool sensation of the linen fibers.
  • Blending cotton with linen reduces wrinkling and creasing and increases fabric longevity.
  • Linen resists dirt, stains, and shrinkage.
  • Blending linen with cotton causes it to feel comfortable and dry even when slightly damp due to the way it absorbs moisture, such as drool.

[Our sling] light and thin but grippy, so it stays where you put it. It broke in easily, dries quickly, and is a dream to iron (I’m a weirdo who enjoys ironing wraps!). It’s neither as thick as 100% cotton nor as stiff as 100% linen. It’s a lovely, comfy ring sling! ~Shannon Davis

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