TwinGo Buckle ~  Remedy Kit information
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TwinGo Buckle ~ Remedy Kit information

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AngelRock Baby is currently fitting new buckles as part of TwinGo LLC's commitment to offering you the best, safest and most practical twin and tandem carrier.  The new buckles have arrived and TwinGo Carrier with new buckles are now available for sale again, thank you for your patience and understanding that pro-active safety upgrades have caused a short delay in supply.

Please see for more information and to register for your free buckle upgrade for families who already have a TwinGo Carrier.

You are also invited to email Celeste with any concerns at 

Please note:  I will do my best to answer emails as quickly as possible, but some delays will be inevitable as I am currently undergoing treatment for an illness.

Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter,


AngelRock Baby

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