Sling rings Small Grey NYLON
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Sling rings Small Grey NYLON

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NYLON sling rings from suitable for DIY ringslings, no-sew ringslings, woven wrap carries and other craft uses.

Nylon rings are phthalates-free.

Tested to be used specifically for babywearing, these rings are seamless and are made in USA.

Inner diameter: 5.5cm / 2.25"
Outer diameter: 7.5cm / 3"
Our small rings are best used with light weight and/or very smooth fabrics. They are well-suited to closed tail slings.
If you plan to make your sling very narrow (56 - 66cm), you might also want the small rings.
The small rings tend to be very secure, though not as easy to adjust as the larger rings.
They are also good for onbuhimos.
Available in Ivory, White, Grey, Black, Brown, Blue, Pink, Green, Navy and Purple.
Sold per pair.
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