Renate's professional doll: Julchen light skin 3300g, 52cm.
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Renate's professional doll: Julchen light skin 3300g, 52cm.

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  • Manufacturer: Renate Puppenstube
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Renate's professional demonstration doll.  Julchen. Light skinned, green eyes.

The doll is dressed in different clothing to the image shown.

This doll was especially developed in accordance with the needs of ClauWi Trageschule.

Jointed arms, non-jointed legs, weighted to 3300g.  52cm long.

Excellent carrying result, natural weight distribution, comfortable handling.

Suitable for babywearing consultants or breastfeeding consultants.

Other styles of doll can be ordered, please contact Celeste to discuss your needs.


AngelRock Baby is pleased to announce that Renate's Puppenstube demonstration dolls are now available!

These weighted and jointed dolls are of the highest quality.  Each one is made in Germany, and is crafted by hand.

Dolls are available to purchase from stock or by order.  Please send enquiries to

Renate's weighted and jointed dolls provide the most lifelike experience for babywearing and breastfeeding demonstrations and consultations.

You may also order Renate's dolls from AngelRock Baby that are non-weighted and/or non-jointed, for exhibition purposes, some are suitable for toys for children 3yrs+.

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