Connecta - Preschool size - Red
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Connecta - Preschool size - Red

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Connecta - Preschool size - Red.

The Preshool size is Connecta's largest carrier and it is suitable from around 3 years of age/16kg. The current safety testing has been done to the maximum testing available to Connecta which is 24kg the same limit as the other sizes of Connecta carriers.
The Preschool Connecta is ideal for children who still want to be carried and provides an easy to take comfortable option for those who have outgrown the Toddler Connecta.

100% organic cotton

The Connecta Carriers feature an integrated sleeping hood that is a seamless addition to the top of the carrier. It also has the clever ability to tuck right away inside the carrier, which also creates a handy pocket for soft small items when the hood is not in use. You simply separate the front and back layers of the carrier and tuck the hood away inside!

The wide base supports anatomically correct position for the child and optimum comfort for the wearer. The buckles make them quick and easy to use on either the front or the back.

All Connectas are sewn with extra strong thread (made for load bearing seams) on industrial sewing machines. The Connecta has been rigorously tested in a laboratory and passed the BS EN 13209-2:2005 safety standard for soft baby carriers.

These are the perfect carrier for any trip. They fold up super small! Being organic, cotton and lightweight too adds to the perfect carrier for our climate in Australia.

The Connecta draws inspiration from the centuries-old chinese mei tai design, combining ancient wisdom with new features that meet the needs of modern mums, including convenient quick-release buckles and comfortable, padded shoulder straps that won’t drag on the ground when unfastened. The shaped body panel of the Connecta also has a wide base to support anatomically correct positioning for babies and provide optimum comfort for wearers, and the curved, rounded top of the design provides head support while still allowing baby room to move.

The Connecta Baby Carrier is a supportive, structured baby carrier with convenient quick-release buckles, well padded straps, and a flexible, unpadded waist to conform to the wearer’s body. One of the great features of the Connecta is the lack of rigid waist band.

The Connecta Baby Carrier is designed to be versatile so you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. The Connecta is specially designed to be equally comfortable in both the front and back carry positions with straps that have maximum padding and wide, durable webbing that won’t twist or dig. The Connecta's dual-adjustable waist buckle fits a wide range of wearers up to a UK ladies size 22 (longer shoulder and waist straps are also available by special request). The body of the baby carrier can be easily rolled up to shorten it according to the baby’s and wearer’s preference. Connecta includes a versatile nylon webbing accessory strap that can be used as a chest strap, to cinch and narrow the body of the carrier for use with a younger baby, or to hold the carrier together when it is folded.


Approximate sizes of Connectas:

Standard (baby)/Solar 36cm wide 46cm high 43-128cm waistbelt suitable from newborn 3.5kg+
Toddler/Solar 44cm wide 51cm high 51-140cm waistbelt suitable from approx 18 months
Preschool 52cm wide 55cm high   suitable from approx 3 years 16kg+


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