ByKay Woven Wrap - Denim Dark Jeans
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ByKay Woven Wrap - Denim Dark Jeans

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  • Manufacturer: ByKay
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The ByKay woven DENIM wrap baby carrier easily allows you to carry your baby or toddler up to a weight of 18 kg!
This fashionable Dutch design is wearable on both sides and made of a cotton-linen blend fabric which gives the baby carrier an authentic, sturdy appearance and ensures optimum wearing comfort.
Carry your baby or toddler close to you for as long as you want and in a way that is most comfortable to you; on your tummy, back or hip.
Since the baby carrier is made of a fairly wide piece of fabric, an ergonomically sound body posture is guaranteed, while the oblique end pieces make it very easy to tie.

Carrying or wearing your baby this way has wonderful benefits for both you and your baby!
Children who were ‘carried’ as infants have greater confidence in themselves, they are more self-assured. ByKay baby carriers provide the required security and protection… and they offer SO much more!

Choose from the Dark Jeans or Stone Washed finish.

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