BabyHawk Meh Dai Eggplant Waves Long Straps
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BabyHawk Meh Dai Eggplant Waves Long Straps

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BabyHawk Meh Dai in Eggplant Waves on Black.   Longer straps.

BabyHawk Meh Dai carrier suitable from 3.5 to 20kg, newborn to toddler.

These 100% cotton carriers can be used for front, hip and back carries. Made in USA. 

When purchasing a BabyHawk, you have the knowledge that while you're supporting your baby with an excellent carrier made of high-quality materials.  Our Meh Dai (Asian-style baby carriers) are adopted from a Chinese-inspired idea that makes holding your little one on your front, back, or hip as safe as it is comfortable.  The weight distribution of our Meh Dai's makes wearing you baby more cozy and delightful than you can imagine for longer than you can imagine! Our design is simple to let you strap on or take off your custom Meh Dai quick and easy. 

BabyHawk Meh Dai are comfortable, safe and reliable. All of the fabrics we use are pre-washed and thrown into the dryer to prevent shrinkage.  The straps are 80-84 inches long and 3 3/4 inches wide. The bottom strap is one continuous piece of fabric, which offers the most durable and safest support for your baby. The body measures 16.5" by 18.5" for the regular.  The top straps are padded as well as the headrest to offer the most comfortable walk for adult and a safe, smooth ride for baby. 

We believe that carrying your baby is the best way to raise a healthy and happy child.  We also believe that you have a right to be comfortable while doing so.

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