Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid 'Maya'
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Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid 'Maya'

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'Maya'.  Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid wrap baby carrier.  This deep emerald green wrap shimmers with possibility and imagination. Inspired by an old favorite, we called this “Maya” inspired by one of Maya Angelou’s myriad pearls of wisdom.

Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid wraps are a lightweight 100% cotton jersey, offering enough support for toddlers.

An ethically made, supportive stretch-hybrid wrap that comes in a variety of beautiful hand-dyed colourways.  Lightweight and cool, with the benefit of a perfect fit each time you use the wrap, the Stretch-Hybrid collection are so portable once you roll them into their carry bag and are cooler to wear than many other stretchy wraps.

Perfect from newborn up to 15kgs, this wrap offers the support of a woven with the comfort of stretch.  You can enjoy front, hip and back carries, with the one way stretch perfect for supportive and secure babywearing.

Stretch-Hybrid Wraps are made of 100% cotton jersey, featuring ISO-9001 compliant dyes. 

They come with an instructional dvd and a matching fabric bag.

'Wrapsody is Love in Motion'.  The Wrapsody brand offers safe, comfortable baby wraps for modern families who want a baby carrier that is as versatile, individual and hardworking as they are.

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