*TwinGo Original 2015 ~ Twin/Tandem Carrier
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*TwinGo Original 2015 ~ Twin/Tandem Carrier

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TwinGo Carrier for twin and tandem carrying. New buckles have been fitted by AngelRock Baby.

Free fitting and demonstrations for TwinGo Carrier available in our retail shop.

Designed by a twin-mum, tested for your confidence, TwinGo is a wonderful way to carry your family.

Suitable to use from 4.5kg each child, up to 18kg each child, or a total weight of 31.7kg.

Front carry is the best choice until a child can sit unaided and has adequate head/neck control and strength.

Full information can be found at the official TwinGO Carrier website.

The first ergonomic twin baby carrier designed to carry one or two children of equal or varied sizes (pat pend). Works great for twins or children of different ages! This carrier can be worn as a dual carrier or divided into two separate carriers.

The TwinGo Carrier is your versatile solution to caring for your children on the go.

The carrier is made of two main parts:

Attachment Carrier

Base Carrier


The TwinGo Carrier has three carry options:

Front Carry with one baby

Back Carry with one baby

Dual Carry with two babies


The TwinGo Carrier can be divided into two separate carriers for two adults to carry one child each or it can be a dual carrier for one adult to carry two children.

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