ByKay AQUACarrier - Sling - Turquoise
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ByKay AQUACarrier - Sling - Turquoise

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ByKay AQUAcarrier

Available in ringsling or wrap design, in black, pink or turquoise.

Winner of the French award Grands Prix 2010

The ByKay AQUA Water Carrier is made from a 100% polyester, fine gauge knit and is designed for use in or out of the water.  The high tech knit fabric wicks away moisture or sweat, dries quickly and offers your baby protection from the sun – blocking out over 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Let your little one settle and sleep safely and comfortably in the carrier while you have your hands free to play at the beach or pool with your other kids or just have a little fun yourself.

Perfect from newborn up to 12kgs and suitable for front carries.

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